Thursday, March 22, 2012

唐山大兄 aka The Big Boss

I love kungfu movies and no one does it better than Bruce Lee. I mean just look at that face ↑. Having said that, it isn't his best film or even a great Bruce Lee film. I'm probably only saying that though because netflix forced me to watch the movie with horrid english dubbing. The movie was full of super cheesy, hard to listen to dialogue. The movie had a few key features that helped it overcome this shortcoming though. First was the 'easy-going working class proletariat' vs. 'evil corporate bourgeois' storyline. Its good to see that in a movie because the working class are under represented in movies. Second is that Bruce Lee can make anything look cool. 'Oh no! There's an eight foot gate in my way.' What does Bruce Lee do? Jump over it in a single leap and calmly eat a chip. 'Oh no! There's six guys with knifes about to try to kill me.' What does Bruce Lee do? Jumps, kicks two of them in the balls, and then calmly eats a chip. So cool!!!! 

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