Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Big Batch of Movies

Today I'm going to present a big batch of movies. I've been watching them but haven't had time to write about them. Let us begin with
Die Hard 2
This picture is probably a good way to describe the movie. The picture has Bruce Willis, which is awesome, but its bit lame. Its the same with the movie. Everything feels a fairly generic and neither the characters or the story present anything novel. One interesting thing about the movie is how obvious that this movie is from 22 years ago. The difference in how they treat a terrorist situation at an airport then is so radically different then airport security is treated now. If the movie was made today the story would feel ridiculously fake. Maybe that's one of the reasons I didn't enjoy the movie more. It didn't age well.

The Hunger Games

I Present Katniss aka Jennifer Lawrence who is frickin awesome! I loved her in Winter Bones and she did a really good job in this film as well. I'm excited to see more from her. This movie was fun to watch. The director did such a good job of presenting the beautiful scenery and manipulating the camera. He would get really close to the actors faces which helped make the movie more personal and intimate. There were a number of times when the story was just heartbreaking. I felt like the backstory wasn't well documented but they described enough to get the gist of everything.

The Man Who Fell To Earth
Despite having David Bowie in this movie this movie was one of the worse movies I have ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating. I absolutely love David Bowie, so much so that I was him for halloween once. His music is amazing! One could say my opinion of the movie would be biased from having David Bowie. Well it wasn't... this movie was so terrible it was hard to find much worthwhile in it. It is 1970s art house film at its worse. Any barely discernible plot was revealed only through ten seconds of speech for every ten minutes of nothing do to with anything but being artsy filming. And it wasn't especially good filming at that. Without having much dialogue or an understandable plot I spent most of the movie having no emotional attachment to the film. I weep for the fact David Bowie would be part of such a horrible project.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist had potential. It had a bunch of fairly good actors (minus Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe whose Jamaican accent was horrible... they just should have gotten Brad Pitt from Meet Joe Black to play the character), with Casey Affleck being so good at everything he does. It had an interesting story line that plays off the current landscape of anti-wallstreet but it fell short. The writing wasn't horribly good and I didn't find it that funny. The car was beautiful though. 


This movie was really enjoyable to watch. I loved the fast paced dialogue and how following it requires focus. Its like a fun mental exercise such as sudoku. All the acting was superb and the fact that they never left the room was really cool. I like how the dynamics of the relationships between the four parents was always changing. First one group of parents vs. the other, then male vs female, etc. Recommendation: Go see it!!

The Adventures of Tintin

I grew up reading Tintin and I was really excited to hear that it was coming to the big screen. I felt the movie did a wonderful job of keeping Tintin's character fun, upbeat, and action packed just like the book. The animation was really impressive. All the objects seemed to interact with the environment quite naturally. The only two scenes I thought were over the top were when the pirates ships were hooked together and one was flying through the air and the last car chase scene when there going through building and such. While I enjoy a little fantasy, when action scenes become so removed from reality that I think "this isn't even remotely possible" its really annoying. Overall though it was a really fun and I'm hoping that they continue on to make more of these films. 

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