Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Start with the Best

Valhalla Rising
This movie was so much fun to watch. The main character never says one word and at any moment may kill everyone around him. The dark dreary landscape mixed with such an explosive and unpredictable character meant that, while most of this movie consists of slow long shots without explanation or dialogue, I was never bored. The cinematography was outstanding. Mix that with the rugged wilderness that they shot, and every scene in this movie was beautiful. This movie was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and I'm excited to see more from him. His unique artsy style can be seen in his other amazing films, Drive, the Pusher Trilogy, and Bronson. While he's not for everyone I can't wait to see what he does next.
Verdict: See it is you like artsy films! I loved it!

Four Rooms
This movie was directed by four different directors and each take a scene in a different room, hence the title 'four rooms.' The first room was full of witches with a story that was stupid and a style that was slightly less stupid. The main character is present throughout the entire movie as an intelligent idiot. Some scenes it works, some it doesn't. The start of the movie it fails but by the end the character has changed enough, and it seems not by some journey through the film but just because the directors realized the first version was just bad. I liked the third room (seen in the photo above) because it has a crazy Antonio Banderas and two hyper children. The fourth room, Quentin Tarantino's room, might have been good if he hadn't had acted in it. He's kinda of a bad actor and when he plays a main role it doesn't go well. I'm glad the scene had Bruce Willis to save it a bit. The story of the fourth room had a typical Tarantino feel but he just didn't pull it off like he normally does. This is probably because the scene is too short, he made himself the lead, and its the 90s. 
Verdict: Only see this if like 90s corniness or you just needed to see it cause its the last movie of Tarantino's filmography that you need to see (thats why I saw it).

The Last House on the Left
This movie doesn't deserve a picture. I won't talk much about it because it was so bad that I want to forget ever having seen it. Its a 70's gore film with nothing of worth to talk about. I don't shy away from violence or gore but this type of movie with its brutal torture scenes and being about the worst scum of humanity brings nothing of any worth to anything.
Verdict: Screw you Wes Craven.

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