Wednesday, April 4, 2012

La mala educación

La mala educación (Bad Education)
This movie is about transgender, homosexuals, and a pedophile so you can probably guess that this movie gets really awkward at times. For example a few of the gay sex scenes are fairly graphic and pretty much whenever the subject of pedophilia is brought up. I wasn't surprised at all when I found out this movie had a NC-17 rating. Despite the shock value the movie was fairly interesting. I enjoyed how the movie is about a film within in a film. A director gets approached by an old schoolmate's brother with a story to film that is based on his own life. Old love interests are renewed and a crazy, drug addict, transgender, black mailer is revealed to be the person who everyones world, at some point, has revolved around. This has those type of shock-jock moments but in the end the director does a wonderful job about making it about the characters and their story. 

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