Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Amazing Movies, a Cave, and a Cop Killing People While Holding a Baby + a Pregnant Man

A Separation
A separation starts with a wife leaving her husband and plows non-stop towards more and more drama. This entire movie was absolutely fantastic. The acting was superb, through the entire movie I felt like I was just an outside viewer to a real story. Especially because just like real life, there are no 100% good or bad guys. Even though I might not have agreed with all the characters I  could understand why each was acting the way they were. It was refreshing to have a movie with no extreme good or bad guys. The movie was really interesting because it gave a really good look into a different society that is so different from anything I've run in contact with. I didn't know that in Iran they actually have a religious hotline that someone can call to ask religious questions. It was just so fascinating to think that having a women take care of a house where a single man lives is scandalous.
Verdict: Own it!!! This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Definitely in my top 10.

This is England
The first thing that hit me about this movie was fashion. It is fashion, in the form of bell bottoms, that leads the kid to his first fight of the movie. Its fashion that makes him officially part of the skin head gang. Its 80s fashion that is one of the reasons this movie is so visually appealing. The movie is about a fatherless troubled kid who finds friends in a group of skinheads. The skinheads are a nice people, maybe a bit mischievous, but nothing like the skinheads we think of today. All is fine until a recently released from prison skinhead returns to the group. This skinhead is an actual racist-nationalist and things start to go downhill. I liked how human everyone feels. Just a bunch of people going through life and except for two super-racist idiots, everyone is relatable. It was also wonderful to see such a young kid act so well. 
Verdict: See it now! Its well worth your time.

Hard Boiled
Your probably asking yourself "Is that man holding a baby in one arm and a shotgun in the other!?" And the answer is "Yes." In fact that baby has probably seen more people die in this movie than you have killed in Halo (ok maybe not that many but still alot). With an endless amount of cronies jumping from behind corners this felt like a shoot em' game at an arcade. Nothing special about anything except the endless amount of bullets fired.
Verdict: See it if you like action movies and can handle 90's music

Starship Troopers
This movie is cheezy and it knows it. It knows that its not a good movie and tries to play off of that fact but doesn't do it well enough. Black Dynamite is a movie that knows its bad and becomes amazing. This movie knows its bad and plays off it enough to make the movie bearable to watch. Fun things about the movie, the fact that a gun with a small magazine can fire 200+ bullets without reloading, and the caption when he unemotionally declares "They sucked his brains out." Other then that its a simple 90s action flick without too much going for it other then being scifi (this automatically bumps up any film a few notches).
Verdict: Watch it with friends so you can laugh how absurd/terrible it is.

Its a pregnant Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Diveto, haha! The plot of the movie is almost funnier then the entire film. The jokes aren't the best and the acting from Arnold isn't fantastic but I think the movie still worked. The movie is slightly heavy with stereotypes, ie Arnold becomes a 'perfect' housewife when he becomes pregnant. He suddenly has learned how to cry during movies and cook dinner for the family. In the end it does raise some questions about female/male roles. One of my favorite lines is when the female scientist in love with Arnold declares "You can't take pregnancy from us, its one of the last things females have." (this isn't an exact quote)  
Verdict: A fun movie to watch with friends. Try to keep an open mind and it'll be good

Cave of Forgotten Dreams
This movie was a beautiful display that humanity transcends time. This documentary, from one of my favorite directors Werner Herzog, is about Chauvet Cave. This cave is home to cave paintings that are 32,000 years old! And these paintings are gorgeous. Some of them are the same image painted multiple times and overlaying each other but in slightly different positions. This has the effect of showing movement. What makes this documentary great is its subject matter. Viewing items of such beauty that are 32,000 years old builds a bridge to other humans across time. In turn it creates a bound to those around right now.
Verdict: It is well worth seeing! Roger Ebert called it the only movie worth seeing in 3D

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