Monday, May 14, 2012

Tons of New Movies!

Well this is going to be a big batch. I'm just going to name the movie and a short verdict cause I have so many to do:
Into the Abyss
Verdict: Watch it. Werner Herzog looks at a case of triple homicide just to steel a car. Very interesting view of the crimes and the death penalty.

The Killer
Verdict: Watch if you like cop/gangster films. But be warned it not your typical one, it has more drama.

Drog Dead Gorgeous
Verdict: A movie worth watching. Presents itself as a teen girl movie but turns into a dark comedy.

In the Name of the Father
Verdict: See it! This movie shows how the British government and police wrongly imprisoned an Irish family. 

Underworld: Awakening
Verdict: Only see it if you understand that it is like all the other underworlds. Not very good but it has vampires and Kate Beckinsale.

The Wedding Singer
Verdict: A fun film. The sweet 80s music and Adam Sandler's yelling make this movie good.

Grizzly Man
Verdict: See it. An interesting look by the amazing Werner Herzog at a very interesting man. A man who chooses to live with grizzly bears, likes nature so much its an obsession, and *spoiler alert* gets eaten by a bear!

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
Verdict: Tread with caution. Warning: this is more of a reality tv show then a documentary. But still an interesting look at the extreme life's of a crazy Appalachian family.

Shaolin and Wutang
Verdict: See it because all kungfu is awesome! It has some surprisingly interest twists for a kungfu film. Even though the ending makes zero sense. Its something like "We're now full monks!!! Horray!! Lets forget that our friends are died and about revenge..." Huh?

The Avengers
Verdict: Watch it if you like a jolly good bit of fun. This is one of the better superhero movies and I love what they did with the Hulk. Hulk Smash!

Verdict: Worth seeing if you like action. You would think it would be bad because the lead is an mma fighter but they don't give her tons of lines, its surprisingly well directed, there are some scenes shot in Los Alamos, and the most important thing, it has the wonder Mr. Fassbender!

Romeo + Juliet
Verdict: A movie worth seeing. The movie starts poorly with an over the top 90's art scene but it soon calms down and starts to become a very good film.

Verdict: If your into boxing see it. Its a very interesting look into the world of bare-knuckle-Irish-traveler's fighting. 

Verdict: Watch it now! This movie is a classic and is so good. I love early Jack Nicolson and the ending is so good! I love that they were brave enough to go there. (I know its cryptic but see it so you'll understand what I'm saying)

Verdict: A classic scifi worth seeing. While its pretty campy it gets pretty clever with the the portrail of the all ruling/rule breaking corporation. 

Kak se wui aka Election
Verdict: A great movie to watch it if you like gangster movies. This is more about the politics of being a gangster which makes it especially enjoyable to watch. Don't expect high octane action. Expect more even handed action that keeps you intrigued the entire movie.

War of the Arrows
Verdict: An action movie worth seeing. Really beautifully shot  film and having a movie full of arrows is pretty fun!

The Lady Eve
Verdict: See it. A movie about a rich idiot who and a super smart women who falls in love. Other then the fact that I don't think many men could possibly be that oblivious, its a quite a good movie. Barbara Stanwyck stole the show!

Verdict: See it if you really liked Silence of the Lambs. While not nearly as good as the first in the series, Hannibal is fun because it has Hannibal Lector. Only major quip is that Ray Liotta's character is so over top a dick that you don't really care that his brain is being eaten. 

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