Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another Huge Post

The Long Goodbye
Verdict: See it if you enjoy a film like Chinatown. The first ten minutes I disliked the main character but he quickly became the reason why I enjoyed this movie so much.


Verdict: Stop what your doing now and go watch this film! It may not be the best film out there but the fact that its based on a true story about the corruption of power and complacency in the system makes it a must see.


Verdict: This is a truly underrated movie. This movie has a very unique way of telling a story. If your looking for a fun super artsy movie watch this. This is artsy in the way "The Fall" is artsy, not like "Drive."

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Verdict: The 2011 David Fincher version is better but this one is also enjoyable. I would recommend that if you've seen the Fincher version, make sure there is a large time period before you watch this one. It will help make the story more unique and better.

Dark Days

Verdict: Go see this movie. It takes a close look at a group of homeless people living in the New York subway. I found it a really good way to show the humanity of the homeless. While maybe a little different from what is considered a 'normal person' there just regular people trying to get by.

Until the Light Takes Us

Verdict: See this documentary if your interested in metal. This is about the Black Metal scene in Norway. The story is fascinating but the production of the film is horrible. They jump around a lot and don't give sufficient background information. I've heard that there are  better documentaries about the subject out there.

Galaxy of Terror

Verdict: It was fun to watch with a group of friends because we could make fun of it the entire time. This is a bad movie and only worth seeing because of the interesting fact that James Cameron, ie mr. titanic and terminator, was the production designer.

The Killer Elite

Verdict: See it if you like action films but be aware its nothing spectacular. It has big actors but feels so generic its sometimes nauseating. Its really tiring to hear 'I'm a new man, I'm done with killing after this' over and over. It was also disappointing that the film is based on a true story only insomuch that its based on a book that claims that some of the events in the story are based on a true story. In other words, its not based on a true story.

The Game

Verdict: A pretty average thriller film. I found it fun but nothing mind blowing. Its one of those movies that everything is a twist so by the end you just know that everything is a twist and it stops being surprising. 

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Verdict: I wish this movie was better then it was. I went into it thinking because its a truly classic horror movie that it would be good. Its not. The acting is laughable and at the end the main character is screaming so much you start to wish they'd just kill her and get it over with. There are a few really cool moments but they are few and far between. The ending shot, the one shown above, was cool. The sun is rising and he's crazily swinging a chainsaw. It was like a chainsaw ballet. 


Verdict: This was a really cool look at addiction. Warning, its nc-17 and well worthy of that rating. Do not watch this with your parents. I love Michael Fassbender and he doesn't disappoint in this film. Its a deeply emotional film. Its very artsy and brings out the emotion by slow long takes. Its from Steve McQueen, director of Hunger, and I can't wait to see more of his work.


Verdict: A film about a racist, bigoted, crazy, dirty, cop played by Woody Harrelson. Interesting but rather confusing at times. The director is trying to take a deep look inside this persons life but at the end of it I didn't care that much. At times he's just a little too crazy and the film loses its feeling of reality. I was also really tired when I watched the film so that probably made me less appreciative of the film.

The Last Emperor

Verdict: A definite must see film. I would have preferred the movie was in Chinese instead of English, but one gets used to it by the end. Where this movie really shines is the amazing insight to Chinese culture and history. The life of the last emperor of china was truly an amazing one.

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