Wednesday, November 12, 2014

And I'm back... 

Verdict: Watch it. Hitchcock is amazingly skilled in this classic. He knows how to present a movie to make you feel exactly what he wants you to feel. Suspense

Alan Partridge 
Verdict: Watch it if you enjoy British humor. Pay close attention to the quick dialogue and you'll realize the Alan Partridge character is genius and thoroughly enjoyable.

Michael Kohlhaas
Verdict: Watch it if you enjoyed Valhalla Rising. A movie that moves slowly gives you plenty of time to reflect on the impact of the main character's desire to seek justice.

...And Justice For All
Verdict: Watch it. Its frightening to realize the power the justice system has over an individual. Oh, and you're out of order!

Wall Street
Verdict: Watch it if you enjoy the vibe of Wolf of Wall Street. Its fun seen Charlie Sheen and his dad acting together in the same movie. Especially because you could imagine their conversations occurring today because Charlie is crazy and Martin seems down to earth. 
"Greed, for lack of a better word, is good."

A Few Good Men
Verdict: Watch it if you enjoy military and lawyer movies. Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson have such a powerful on-screen presence.
"You can't handle the truth!"

Verdict: Watch it but be prepared to leave feeling empty.  Jake Gyllenhall is fabulous in this and his character is equally as alarming. Its an excellent reminder that we as a society love to watch horrible things happen to people... brb, headed to watch fail vids.
"A friend is a gift you give yourself"

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